Siti Hajar’s Diary

Weight Loss Success

A model is born

173cm beauty, Siti Hajar used to think that every scale she stepped on was spoilt. “I remembered eating nonstop; I would finish up leftovers from the office tea buffet! Once I’m seated at work, I would continue to snack. I had to weigh myself couple of times before I accepted the fact that I was overweight at 80kg!”


“When I was so obese, I couldn’t do much of the housework. I have to stop and rest, and then when I was tired, slept for the entire day. My husband had to do most of the house chores. Even my daughter made comments about my body in public. I was embarrassed about how I looked.”

I lost 23kg in 6 months!

“My loving husband found London Weight Management and encouraged me to try it out. Wow, in the first session I lost 2kg! My consultant is great, she advised me that I need to drink at least 2.5 liters of water everyday to flush out the excess water and toxins from my body. With diet and lifestyle adjustments, my slim, beautiful figure is back! In 6 months, I have lost 23kg! All thanks to London’s experts! Now, I’m a slim, healthy and happy wife and mother!”

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