Josephine’s Diary

Weight Loss Success

Goodbye to the 76kg old me!

Imagine having to be told to pay if you ripped the clothes. That was what Josephine experienced when she was at 76kg. “Everytime I wanted to try out clothes at a boutique, every salesgirl will tell me not to try. If I did want to, I was told to pay if it was torn! When I looked at my body in front of the mirror, I hated my arms and thighs. I could never wear pants because it always got stuck at my calves. I was indeed that big sized girl.”


“My most embarrassing moment was left within 5 minutes of a first blind date. I didn’t know that looks were so important to others. After that incident, I was desperate to lose the fat. I tried diet pills but experienced unpleasant side effects. Then, a ray of hope seemed to shine when I watched London’s commercial on TV.”

Rocking a sexy, perfect body

Many have asked about Josephine’s slimmer body and she couldn’t be happier to share her London Weight Management experience. ”This is so surreal; I used to be 76kg. Now I’m just 50kg! I successfully lost 26kg without pain and crazy workouts. London has proven that its treatments are indeed effective. Look at my perfect figure! Get help from a weight management expert because they can help you overcome your weight concerns.”

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